Learning Community

"My children are thoughtful and reflective and ask how we can take action or come up with ways we could take action at home.  They know they are part of the world they live in and they have a responsibility to themselves and their family to make it a better place.  My children are always wondering and asking why things are the way they are, that natural curiosity that you see in your children, sometimes escapes us as we get older.  I see my children continuing to have a natural curiosity about things that interest them."
~ Parent

"My children naturally assign the qualities of the learner profile to situations they encounter.  They see how things work together, that you need one content area to help you in another."
~ Parent 

"The IB programme gives students the opportunity to learn in an engaging way. It enables students to explore conceptual connections and take actions in the world around them. I love seeing my students flourish in the IB programme."
~ Educator

"As a parent of two children who benefitted from the IB programme and earned their IB diplomas,  I have seen first hand how this programme impacts students. The rigor, international-mindedness, real-life authentic problem solving and service in action helped shape them into life-long learners who continue to be compassionate adults who are making a positive difference in the world."
~ PYP Coordinator